EPIGRAMS from Bush Betrayal

The myths of 9/11 continue to threaten American safety.

Truth is a lagging indicator in politics.

The arrogance of power is the best hope for the survival of freedom.

The only way to reconcile the Patriot Act with freedom is to assume that government intrusions into people’s lives are irrelevant to freedom.

We need a constitutional amendment to make the federal government obey the Constitution.

Most of the budget disputes in Washington involve how to waste tax dollars, not whether tax dollars should be wasted.

There are no harmless political lies about a war. The more such lies citizens tolerate, the more wars they will get.

We cannot “clean up democracy” by making political speech more regulated than hazardous waste disposal.

People have been taught to expect far more from government than from freedom.

No one is entitled to the amount of power that the winner of the November election will possess over the American people.

Bush is creating more terrorists than he is vanquishing. America needs a supply-side antiterrorism policy.

Bush governs like an elective monarch, entitled to reverence and deference on all issues.

Some of Bush’s cherished reforms consist of little more than finding new names for old boondoggles.

If the president is reelected, the more cynical Americans become, the less dangerous Bush will be.

Neither Washington nor Jefferson ever intended for the President of the United States to become the Torturer-in-Chief.