Government cannot make trade more fair by making it less free.

"Fair trade" is a moral delusion that could be leading to an economic catastrophe.

The U.S. government has created a trade lynch law that can convict foreign companies almost regardless of how they operate.

American trade negotiators have exerted far more effort to close the U.S. market than to open foreign markets.

Congressmen's solution to the problem of unfair foreigners is almost always to increase their own power over what Americans are allowed to buy

The myth of fair trade is that politicians and bureaucrats are fairer than markets - that government coercion and restriction can create a fairer result than voluntary agreement - and that prosperity is best achieved by arbitrary political manipulation, rather than allowing each individual and company to pursue their own interest.

Our great grandchildren may look back at the trade wars of the twentieth century with the same contempt that many people today look at the religious wars of the seventeenth century - as a senseless conflict over issues that grown men should not fight about.