"Bovard does a fabulous job at showing how arbitrary and ultimately counterproductive our restrictive trade practices are."

Wall Street Journal

"Ridicule is the best weapon against absurdity, and James Bovard has just provided a good dose of it. The silliest myth that Bovard debunks is that good is done by America's anti-dumping crusade." The Economist

"Excellent." Financial Times

"Delicious." George Will, Washington Post

"The Fair Trade Fraud is an expose of U.S. trade policy that will leave any reader's head clanging with disbelief... Politicians bleat about Japan's trade barriers, but they would do well to read Bovard's expose of America's unfair trade practices." Boston Herald

"Bovard is devastating in his scourging of protectionist measures... James Bovard has written a book that defies refutation and demands action." National Review

"Calling for fair trade has become the first refuge of the loser. We recommend James Bovard's The Fair Trade Fraud for those with strong stomachs." Barron's

"A splendid tome... In chapter after chapter, Bovard shows how those cryest loudest about fair trade are themselves some of the biggest practitioners of protectionism." Atlanta Business Journal

"A gloriously inflammatory book... Bovard has a genius for pungent expressions of outrage over the federal government's misguided exertions." Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The Fair Trade Fraud is a stunning critique of the trade policy debate as it has been conducted in the United States... splendid detail... Almost prophetic..." Detroit News

"Bovard is excellent at uncovering the flaws and outrages of international trade." Kansas City Star

"One of the best treatises I have read on trade in the world." Rep. Tom DeLay, U.S. Congress

"Bovard manages to combine a seemingly inexhaustible supply of supporting statistics, studies, and anecdotes with a razor-sharp pen, making this not only a formidable contribution to the trade debate, but a thoroughly enjoyable book." The Freeman