James Bovard's Bush Betrayal






#2 Bestseller in India - October 2004



Bush's Betrayal of American Conservatives



"All in all The Bush Betrayal is a devastating indictment of a failed presidency, thoroughly documented, easy to read, and laced with Bovard's trademark humor. Anyone who is inclined to be even a little charitable toward a president obviously in over his head would do well to read it. Orange County Register senior columnist Alan Bock

"With The Bush Betrayal, Bovard cements his claim as America's journalistic superman -- fighting for truth, justice, and the American way of freedom and limited government. We may have been stuck with George W. Bush for four years, but at least we have Bovard on our side. And that evens the odds just a bit."
Bill Winter, LP News

"The importance of Bovard's book goes far beyond an analysis of the Iraqi War or even the response by this administration to the terrorist attacks of 9/11... With the thoroughly researched and footnoted style that has become his forte, and with the heavy doses of relevant anecdotes and dry humor that have become his trademarks, the author has compiled a virtual almanac of American political abuse... We ignore Jim Bovard's work at the risk of being repeatedly seduced - 'betrayed' by the siren songs of presidential candidates of both parties." Former congressman Bob Barr, American Conservative

"In his new book, James Bovard presents a succinct, cogent, and compelling analysis of how Bush has betrayed America's founding principles of liberty and limited government in ways that impact all areas of our lives. ... Bovard provides us with a pleasantly readable and detailed account of the Bush administration's collectivism and dishonesty on every policy issue...
Bovard stays on target throughout the book, laying out the details of Bush's follies, but he sneaks in important lessons for the reader how the answer is liberty, and the general problem is government power." Anthony Gregory, Liberty magazine

"The Heroic Bovard....Jim Bovard is a one-man policy think tank.... The Bush Betrayal is the handbook of our revolution."--Lew Rockwell, www.lewrockwell.com

"Jim Bovard is an awesome author. If you have a great need to feel exasperated in your life, read the Bush Betrayal - it is as funny as it is disturbing. I thought I knew how well I had been betrayed until I had read this book." Scott Horton, Republic Broadcasting Network

"Bovard is sort of a cross between James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Michael Moore..... A really surly book." Jan Mickelson, WHO Radio Iowa

This is a very hard hitting book... a pretty mighty tome.
Gardner Goldsmith, New Hampshire radio

"It's a great read. It ought to be required reading for those of us inside the Republican Party. "
Jeff Katz, Liberty Radio Network

"This book is bound to be banned. It obviously violates several federal statutes. It's rapid-fire, high-capacity, equipped with bayonet-sharp wit, and loaded with politician-piercing ammo... If you already believed the Bush administration was a bit scary, perhaps even a bit mad, you'll have more evidence than you ever imagined after finishing The Bush Betrayal... Bovard's wit... is at its sharpest here." Author & Columnist Claire Wolfe

"Bush Betrayal is terrific, another blockbuster... Bovard is the finest muckraker working today in American journalism." Ron Smith, WBAL Baltimore

"James Bovard, the great libertarian champion of our freedom and civil liberties..."
Syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts

"Bovard packs a lot of stuff into a book - his recall is encyclopedic. I really recommend the Bush Betrayal." Charles Goyette, KFNX Phoenix

The book's greatest strength lies in the juxtapositions of Bush's policy and rhetoric with the corresponding facts. Much like his previous book Terrorism and Tyranny, such an approach leaves thereader infuriated and sometimes laughing out loud in disgust." Michael Ewens, Antiwar.com

"Pitiless dismantling of the Bush era." Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch

"A finely crafted and thought-provoking book"
Greg Berg, Wisconsin Public Radio

"Writing from a libertarian perspective, Bovard (Terrorism and Tyranny, etc.) offers a fierce critique of the presidency of George W. Bush , focusing on restrictions on liberty and expansion of government... It is notable as a comprehensive attack on the administration from a less-often-heard place on the political spectrum." Publishers Weekly

"This is a terrific book about how George Bush said one thing and did another."
Sam Greenfield, WWRL New York radio

"It is a fascinating book. I encourage people to get a copy."
Geoff Metcalf, Liberty Broadcasting Network

"It is a quite provocative and well-written look at the misdeeds of the Bush administration."
Peter B. Collins, All American Radio (Sirius Network)

"This is required reading. There is a lot of truth in here and it is something you have to face head-on." David Gold, KMSR Dallas radio

"Books keep pouring off the presses on the subject of why George W. Bush should not be reelected... The best of the bunch by far is The Bush Betrayal, by one of my favorite writers, James Bovard... Bovard, in addition to being a fine writer... can still see the humor in much of the mayhem, goofiness and outright stupidity that characterizes so much of government bureaucracy." Charley Reese, Syndicated Columnist

"One American - a true patriot in my opinion -who has not been hoodwinked or bamboozled by Bush Administration propaganda is James Bovard.... The Bush Betrayal is the best book for an introductory course on what patriotism really means, and it will certainly help awake a comatose public before all its rights are trampled by future Bushes."
Former CIA analyst Jim Grichar, www.lewrockwell.com